May 3 & 4, 2014 Spring LRC Piedmont Hunt Test

Cooper Black Recreational Facility, Patrick SC

LRCPiedmont is a Master National Member Club



March 2013

From Beth Carroll - Not a typical brag, but I have to.

Ranger participated in his first Pheasant Shoot last weekend (Feb 23rd.) He did an AMAZING job.

At first he wasn't sure exactly what to do. After seeing a couple of other dogs in action he figured it out pretty quickly. He successfully retrieved at least two dozen birds. Some of them were wounded. One in particular tried to fight back. Ranger was persistent in trying to pick it up. It was really funny and made a lot of people laugh.

He did great finding missing birds, retrieving wounded birds, and not destroying birds. He marked like a champ. He pulled them from land and out of water. He even was steady more than once and waited for me to tell him to fetch. He just wanted to bring us those birds!

I am really proud of our Ranger. I thought my training might have been insufficient, but it wasn't. When I saw all of the practice and training click and come together in his brain it brought tears to my eyes. He had so much fun once he figured out 'the game.' Ever since the hunt he's been more obedient than ever.

For being 10 months old today, he is really amazing.

We are working on force fetch now, and I hope he'll be ready for JH in May!

Beth Carroll

September 29/30, 2012 LRC Piedmont Hunt Test

Cooper Black Recreational Facility, Patrick SC
Double Junior, Double Senior, Single Master

LRCPiedmont is a Master National Member Club

From Lee Hanes ~

Thank you for all of your help during the Hunt Test this week-end. The participants were pleased with all aspects of the test – especially those that took home ribbons!

To those of you that fed us at the Judges’/Workers’ Dinner – thank you for the delicious dinner and perfect atmosphere. It could not have been nicer and was perfect for mingling with the judges and new friends. We also want to thank you for preparing and delivering the snacks, drinks and lunches to the stakes – it could not have gone smoother and the bird boys, judges and workers never complained of being hungry!

To those of you that brought kubota's & trailers, helped set-up the tests, moved equipment, delivered ducks, and gunned – WOW! We did not hear ANY complaints. The logistics involved in the test set-ups and execution could not have been better. From what I heard, the gunners could not have done a better job, no complaints about fliers.

All of the marshals received high marks. Again, not one complaint, only compliments on the fact that the judges did not have to wait for dogs. (Well, there was a wait at Junior after the first series on Sunday, but it had to do with the fact that pros were running in a Master stake and the delay could not be avoided. Important part was that we communicated well so that everyone understood the situation AND there were no delays in the second series of that Junior stake.)

The bird boys also deserve kudos. They are a hardworking, respectful group of young people, let’s hope they will help us again in the future.

A very special thank-you to Ellison Armfield and Elizabeth & Pete Mayo. These individuals worked to make sure that the LRCP and CRA members worked together to put on a successful test. Without their guidance and coordination, the test would not have gone so smoothly nor would we have had so many workers in all aspects of the test.

We hope that all of you had fun and will help us again at the Spring Test – what a GREAT team.










HRCH SkyMark's Bellatrix Blackstar MH
"Trixi" completed her Master Hunter title at the Down East Retriever Club test March 17-18, 2007.  She is owned by Stacy Overcash.

HRCH Carolina Blonde Calpurnia MH "Callie" completed her Master Hunter title at the Wiregrass Retriever Club Fall Hunt Test December 2-3, 2006.  She is owned and loved by Stacy Overcash.

HR Grayson's Saddle Up of Fortune SH "Hoss" completed his Senior Hunter Title at the Lumber River Retriever Club Fall Hunt Test October 7-8, 2006.  He is owned and loved by Amy Gibson.  On to Master!!!  Hoss also added his "HR" to his list of accomplishments this year with his final pass at the Charleston HRC test on November 12, 2006.

HRCH SkyMark's Bellatrix Blackstar SH, CGC "Trixi" completed her Senior Hunter title at the Down East Hunting Retreiver Club Fall test September 23-24th.  She is owned and loved by Stacy Overcash.

Congratulation to SHR Grayson's Saddle Up of Fortune, JH on completing both his UKC Started Hunting Retriever title and his AKC Junior Hunter title during the month of May. "Hoss" is owned by Amy Gibson.

Congratulations to CH Ransom's I Wanna Be Good, CD MH on finishing his Master Hunter title at the Carolinas Retriever Association test April 29-30.  "Christian" is owned and bred by Bernadette Brown and Ellison Armfield.  Check out Christian on the Armbrook Stud Dog page!

Congratulations to Deborah Thomas and GRHRCH UH Sandy Blond Impulse, MH, CDX "Sandy" on their second Grand Pass at the UKC Fall Grand in Louisburg, NC. This completed Sandy's Grand Hunting Retriever Champion title! Deborah is the first woman in NC to own, train and handle her own Grand Champion. We are very proud of you both! Click here to read Deborah's tribute to Sandy.

HRCH Carolina Blonde Calpurnia SH, WCX, CGC "Callie" owned by Stacy Overcash, completed her AKC Senior Hunter title with 2 passes at the Yadkin River Club test and one more at the Carolinas Retriever Association test November 5th! Not to be left out her little sister, HR SkyMark's Bellatrix Blackstar JH, CGC, "Trixi" completed her UKC Hunting Retriever title at the Charleston Retriever Club the same weekend!

Ch. Hyquest Anything Goes W'Jaz, WC "Jaz" owned and loved by Rita & Jack Powell and handled by Rita, passed the LRC Piedmont HRT Junior Test on Sunday, 10/2/05 for her first leg. The day before, Jaz was ready to trade in her trainer/handler for another. She did terrific on land, which was a difficult test, then at the water, there was a lesson learned (with a junior dog you can hold on to the dog untill the release by the judge - just because you think your dog is steady, take advantage of that rule), I took my hand off Jaz's collar while putting my leash in my pocket, that was a big mistake. She went into business for herself - as she took off, the attitude was - "hey Mom, where's the birds"! We tried to put it together after that, but ------------------------

Hyquest Taking A Chance, JH, CD, RN, WC "Chancer" owned and loved by Rita & Jack Powell and handled by Rita, ran for 2 Junior leg qualifications at the LRC Piedmont HRT on October 1-2, 2005. This brought his total to 4 legs and his Junior Hunter Title.

Ransom's Persuasive Witness CD SH received her first Master leg at the LRC Piedmont hunt test October 1-2. She is owned by Bernadette Brown and Narda Croughwell.

New CH/MH!!
CH Ransom's Armbrook Indigo Hue CD MH and CH Ransom Armbrook's Hole in One CD MH Congratulations to Ellison, Bernadette, Digs and JD! Digs earned his Master Hunter title at Tidewater the first of April and JD earned his in 5 straight tests at LRCPiedmont in May!